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  1. Installation view 2015, Tartu Art House, Estonia

    Installation view 2015, Tartu Art House, Estonia

    You have already potentially reached such a social position that you may be of interest for all kind of structures which shape the public opinion etc. Honey, be careful when dealing with new people. Especially with the ones who have influence. Stay true to yourself and to your own values. Don’t let anyone gradually influence your opinion. You have to become the source of a high quality product, but don’t let anyone make you into a product of the system. Don’t let yourself depend on people emotionally - and, at the same time, stay benevolent. Not everyone can do it, but it is very important. Follow your natural wisdom and intuition. All sources of knowledge lie inside of you. When you have to decide upon something in your everyday life, think in the long-term. Try to get involved in things which will make you stronger and more magnanimous - not only at this particular moment, but in the long run too.

    January 2015